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Dear Aurora Citizen,

Four years ago, right after we launched my first campaign for Aurora mayor, we laid out a vision we called One Aurora.

With the right leadership – we correctly predicted – our city can unite around the causes so fundamental to a bright future: strengthening our neighborhoods, honoring our diversity, creating a more user-friendly government and boosting our economic growth.

Working together, here’s just a handful of what we’re able to accomplish in our first four years:

  • The City of Aurora has had a balanced budge without any reductions for the last two year.
  • Since 2011 more than 3 companies have relocated to Aurora, and another 100-plus have expanded here. That’s a $460 million economic impact that in part keeps our unemployment rate below the state average.
  • The Gaylord Hotel project – finalized earlier this year – will bring $273 million in economic activity, 10,000 construction jobs, 2,500 permanent jobs and will create in Aurora a signature tourist and business traveler destination.
  • Working with RTD, we widened I-225 between Parker and Iliff. We also broke ground on the Iliff Light Rail station, a signature stop on the way to DIA.
  • Under our leadership Aurora negotiated a great deal with Denver to develop the land around the airport with mixed use projects that maximizes transit and brings more jobs and revenue into our City.

Serving as your Mayor has been the single greatest honor of my professional and civic career. Now it is with great pride in our fine city and a great deal of humility that I come to the voters once again to ask for re-election as your Mayor.

Working together, we can achieve so much more. I’m looking forward to that opportunity and I humbly ask for your vote.



Steve Hogan




As our City grows, water stewardship becomes doubly important. With Steve’s leadership, Aurora Will being the process to build at least three new storage reservoirs over the next 25 years. Steve will also continue to advocate strongly for water conservation efforts.


Steve’s priorities for transportation include working with RTD to complete the Aurora-DIA light rail connection; expanding 6th Avenue east of Tower and connect it with E-470; completing medians on our streets; and eliminating fence canyons along major arterials.


Endorsed by both the Firefighters Local 1290 and the Aurora Police Association, Steve is working every day to ensure that our police and fire departments have all the resources they need to keep our neighborhoods safe and secure.


Mayor Steve Hogan takes pride in Aurora’s rich cultural diversity. That’s why Steve led the effort to open a resource center for new immigrants and refugees. He created a Sister Cities program focused on tourism, education, and economic development. Over the next four years, Steve will continue to celebrate and foster our immigrant communities in Aurora.

Re-Elect Aurora Mayor Steven Hogan.